2016 Real Estate Market Statistics for Jacksonville, St. Augustine Florida

The North East Florida Association of Realtors just published the market statistics for 2016 and it’s interesting to look at. The inventory of homes that were available to purchase decreased from 2015 by 20.4%. Overall sales increased by 3.8%. As you can guess the amount of time the average home was on the market decreased. In 2015 it took an average of 83 days for a home to go under contract once it was on the market. In 2016 that number decreased to 76 days.

So what does all of that mean? Basically it means that homes are sellingĀ a little faster than they did in 2015 which is good for sellers. The study covers a wide area but should give a snapshot as to what the market is doing. If you have any questions or would like to know what your home would sell for please give me a call at (904) 460-8501 or respond to this email.


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