How to make money in Real Estate

I’m often asked by people what my thoughts are on flipping homes. Personally I think house flipping like you see on HGTV is a financial disaster waiting for a place to happen. I know investors who make money flipping homes but they aren’t purchasing them on the open market or court house auctions. All of them have a source of home sellers who are looking to sell quickly and aren’t interested in fixing it up to sell for top dollar. Usually it’s the result of a death and the family doesn’t have the time or want to spend the money to fix up the home. They want the money to settle the estate quickly and are willing to sell for less than it’s worth.

With that being said the best way to make money as an investor is to purchase a property, place quality tenants, and hold for a number of years. Real Estate investing offers unique opportunities you probably won’t find in other investments. As the home is going up in value you are collecting rent from the tenants. Even if the market declines in value and the home won’t sell for what you paid you can still rent it out and collect a check while we wait for the market to recover.

If you are interested in finding quality tenants for your current home or purchasing an investment property let me know. The best way to reach me is on my cell (904) 460-8501 but you can also email me at


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