Have you been told that you can’t purchase a custom built home on your own lot? Well meet the Sanders!

Have you ever been told that you can’t build a custom home with a VA home loan? Many lenders tell perspective home buyers that they can’t use their VA home loan benefit to purchase a new construction home. The reason they tell buyers this is either they aren’t well versed in VA home loans or worse they don’t offer it themselves and so rather than risk losing your business they tell you it can’t be done instead of being honest and pointing you to their competition.

In any case the Sanders came to me because they were tired of cookie cutter homes built in large communities by national builders. They wanted a custom home that they designed themselves. I was able to find them a vacant lot in Rocking Horse Farms. We were able to purchase the lot and contract a builder to build their dream home all in one transaction. If you are interested in building a new construction home with a VA home loan call the Veterans Agent today.


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